I began my artistic endeavors in the late sixties by writing poetry and then making pottery for 4 years.

                                              After a number of events, (getting married and raising 4 great kids, etc.) in 1989 I created the world's

                                                 first line of Braille Jewelry. I am proud to share that one pair of my Harmony Serenity Earrings has been

                                              placed into the permanent collection of the American History Museum at the Smithsonian Institution in

                                            Washington D.C. In 2002 I started doing manhole cover rubbings (similar to the grave stone rubbings

                                              people have been doing for years.) I have a large collection of rubbings from around the US, Canada,

                                             England and France. My work has been shown in Hanover, NH (the home of Dartmouth college); in

                                                  Manhattan, in the Lobby of the SEC Headquarters in Washington D.C. and in England. It is in corporate

                                                   and private collections throughout the U.S. Around 2007 I created a series of photographic images called

                                            "The Amazing Art of Rip and Tear from the London Underground." I am not a technical photographer

                            (which means most of the time my settings are on auto) but I have been lucky a few times.

The Tar Series is the result of a visit to New Orleans in March of 2013.